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Karaoke is a program that will let you play, modify and create Karaoke songs
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Karaoke is a program that will let you play, modify, and create Karaoke songs. It can play KAR files, i.e. midi files that not only contain the MIDI information, but also the lyrics of a song. When playing a KAR file, Karaoke will also show you the lyrics of the song, highlighting the words that should be sung at a given moment. The same applies to special MP3 files, using which the program can play a song while showing the lyrics and even playing a video in the lyrics window.

The program can also play VS (Virtual Score) files, which will play back the song while displaying its music sheet. The lyrics can be easily edited and printed, as well as the music sheets contained in some of the files. Karaoke will also play MID, KFN, WMA, CDG, WMA, WMV, MPG, and AVI files.

The free version of Karaoke will let you play the files, but not modify them, or create new files. The registered version allows you to create and modify basic Karaoke MP3 or MIDI songs, synchronizing the lyrics with the song, changing the instruments, the tempo, the voices and more. You will be able to create K5 files, which can be played using this same program.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It provides a great tool for those interested in playing, modifying and creating karaoke files


  • In order to register the program, you must assign it to a pen drive that will contain the key that will allow you to use the program. You will not be able to use that pen drive for anything else, or you will lose your registration key
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