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Karaoke 5 helps you bring entertainment to your parties as the program is both a karaoke player and a karaoke creator. Likewise, although I would not recommend it for that purpose, the tool can be used for audio playback. It supports a long list of file types, including some specific meant for karaoke (KAR, MIDI, K5, KFN) and others with a more general usage (MP3, WMA). Luckily, not only audio formats are supported but video as well (MP4, FLV, AVI).

My objection to using this tool would be its interface, which definitely seems too crowded for me. As a result, it may take some time for beginners to know how to use it. It is characterized by the use of various floating windows instead of a single one, which gives you a lot of freedom to arrange screen space in the way that you find most convenient.

Karaoke 5 lets you import media files and build a library, from which you create playlists. Thus, you can design various playlists in accordance with the type of event or the preferences of the participants. It is even possible to associate the names of the singers with the titles of the songs. Fortunately, there is also a mixer you can use to add transitions between the songs.

One feature that certainly deserves mentioning is the possibility to create and edit karaoke files. In this regard, the tool supports searching the Internet for lyrics and synchronizing them with the music.

To conclude, the program is an excellent choice for karaoke playback. It has multiple features to satisfy the most demanding users. Regrettably, and probably because of that, Karaoke 5 is not as easy to use as you may want it to. On top of that, some of the captions in the English interface were not properly translated, and appear in Italian. The product is available in Lite version that is free and has various limitations, which you can avoid by purchasing the Home or the Professional licenses.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Lets you create various playlists
  • Allows associating the singer with the songs
  • Synchronizes lyrics with music
  • Searches the Internet for lyrics


  • Crowded interface
  • Untranslated captions
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